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Batch 27 - Coastal Myrtle (sold out)

Harvested on the Australia day weekend, this honey screams all things Australian - beach, bush and flavour. Dylan, our Beekeeper-in-training harvested this batch, his very first solo mission, and boy did he do good.

The bees foraged from the numerous coastal shrubs, including the spikey Red Flowered Myrtle that is prolific around Quinns Beach, a beautiful beach with rocky outcrops in Perth's north, where the beehives were positioned.

Your first experience of how great this honey tastes is its incredible aroma which tempts you to eat the whole jar spoon by spoon. The floral & herbal flavour notes on your first taste confirms the irresistibility of this dark, rich honey.

Enjoy this batch, we certainly have!

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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