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Batch 40 - Bullsbrook Redgum

Found only in the southwest of Western Australia, our beautiful Redgum trees flower each year, in swathes of dusty white blossom. The trees are called Redgum because of the bright red sap produced in response to damage, but they are traditionally known as Marri, the indigenous Noongar peoples name for the trees. The sap, or resin itself has numerous traditional uses, and is highly antiseptic.

This batch of Redgum, harvested by Paul from hives just west of Bullsbrook at the end of February, this is a rich honey, dark in colour and full of flavour. Redgum is an active honey in its raw form, which means it has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses, we tested our batch and found it has a total activity (TA) rating of 13. Making it perfect for those immune boosters, or honey and ginger tea to get you through the colder months!

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