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Recipe - Banana Bread.JPG

Banana Bread

This Banana Bread is just the best. Enough said. No sugar, just golden honey & sweet bananas.

Recipe - Scone.JPG

Honey Scones

You can't go wrong with scones, especially these ones because they contain no refined sugar.

Recipe - hot cross buns.JPG

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns can be a great Easter treat without being terrible for you. Check out our recipe which swaps out the sugar for honey.

Sweet Baked Treats

Pear and Almond Tart

A dreamy almond tart with homemade pastry, fresh pears and glazed with honey.


Honey Coconut Cake

This is a family favourite originally written by Sarah's Great Grandmother & tweaked to give it some honey charm.

Dairy Free Banana Bread.jpg

Dairy-free Banana Bread

Love our original banana bread recipe but can't have dairy? Try this delicious variation.


Chickpea Cookies

These taste NOTHING like the chickpeas in the name suggests - check them out! Your won't regret it!


Strawberry Cheesecake

Go strawberry picking at your local farm and whip this up, all in one afternoon!

RECIPE Banana Muffins.jpg

Everyday Banana Muffins

There is no sugar insight in this recipe,  just the natural sugars of bananas and honey - perfect for an everyday snack!

Recipe - Choc-Weetbix balls.jpg

Choc-Weetbix Balls

These super yummy quick treats are free from refined sugar and made with all healthy fats and carbs. 


Honey Lemon Cake

Avoiding gluten, sugar & dairy? Love delicious cakes? Then have we got the recipe for you! Tastes even more delicious knowing there is nothing bad in it!


ANZAC Biscuits


Who'd of thought this delicious Aussie icon recipe could be made even better. Just wait until you have tried our version with honey instead of golden syrup. 


Honey & Almond Slice

Best simple slice to whip up when you learn you have visitors dropping in unexpectedly. 


Honey Tea

With no added sugar or fat this recipe is totally guilt-free, and delicious!


Honey Joys

Honey. Joy. The name says it all! Simple, delicious and guaranteed to put a smile on every face.

Breakfast Inspiration

Honey and Oat Granola

This recipe was birthed from our love of toasted granola and the inability to purchase this without it being full of sugar and fat! Enjoy this guilt-free brekkie everyday.


Pear, Cinnamon & Honey Porridge

This brilliant winter warmer will give you all the warmth and energy you need to survive any big day.


Homemade Crumpets

This is not only a delicious recipe but a brilliantly fun one to make. Perfect for cold weekends or school holiday brekkies.

Toasted Museli.JPG

Toasted Museli

This muesli tastes and smells way more naughty than it is. With its simple list of healthy ingredients, you will instantly be in love.


Sparkling Honey Spritz

A refreshing spritz that is as easy to prepare as it is to drink. Delicious - and healthy!


Lemon, Honey & Mint Iced Tea

One of the most refreshing drinks you'll try this summer - also super good for you too!


Winter Immunity Tonic

Got the sniffles - or want to get on the front foot to prevent them this winter? Give this delicious tonic a try.

IMG_3700 (1)_edited.jpg

Golden Latte

A traditional Indian drink, similar to chai but free of caffeine and full of health benefits

Savoury Dishes
Recipe- Sticky Chicken.JPG

Sticky Chicken

with Bruschetta

This mouth-watering recipe will certainly satisfy every taste bud. With a side of bruschetta and salad, this dish is perfect for summer nights.

Recipe - Roast Lamb_edited.jpg

Roast Lamb

& Honey Carrots

A traditional dish with a sweet twist. Served with honey carrots, roast potatoes, sweet potato and mint sauce.

Recipe - Dumpling.JPG


Dumplings & Awesome Dipping Sauce

This is the Yan family's dumpling recipe with a little Nectar tweak. Such fun to make and eat!


Honey &Garlic
Prawns with Coconut Rice

No one can say no to garlic prawns with the delectable addition of a little honey sweetness, they are next level.


Honey Soy Stirfry

This veg-packed dinner is delicious, nutritious and easy - the trifecta! 


Honey Soy
Chicken Wings

Finger-licking honey soy chicken wings. Best served up with rice and asian vegetables.


Honey Mustard
Glazed Ham

Christmas is sorted with this show stopper! Good quality ham, good quality honey - how can you go wrong?


Broccoli & Chicken Couscous with Harissa Dressing

Easy, fresh and healthy dinner that takes just minutes to prepare - perfect for a mid week dinner.


Quinoa Veg Salad

The perfect salad on the side or as a whole meal. So simple, but so delicious!


Moroccan Honey Lamb Roast

Honey isn’t just for sweet treats, you can also use it in marinades and to balance flavours in savoury dishes. This roast was divine!


Harissa Honey Salmon & Broccoli Rice

Easy, healthy and delicious! This fresh take on salmon will win you over for sure.

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