Honey with a Heart

Nectar Honey was started so we could help more people. 

When you buy your jar, you are doing a good thing, supporting people who need a little help to flourish. 10% from every subscription, and at least $0.50 from each 275g jar sold goes directly to local community initiatives. 

Read more about the programs we regularly support below.



Tenacious house is a charity close to the hearts of the Nectar Honey team. This wonderful charity provides young men in the Western Australian community with a hand up out of situational crisis.

We have committed to donating 10% from each jar of Nectar Honey purchased by our subscription customers to the Tenacious House Charity to see more young men have their potential realised in life and genuinely see lives saved from the grips of alcohol or drug addictions and other situational crisis.

Check out more of what this charity is achieving on the Tenacious House website.

A21 stands for abolishing slavery in the 21st century. 
We get behind this cause because shockingly slavery and human trafficking still happen, and not just in other places but here in Australia too.


The sadest thing, only 1% of people who are trafficked are ever saved, and less than 1% of traffickers are ever prosecuted.

We are proud to support A21 as one of our community initiatives