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Batch No. 16 - Banksia (sold out)

Banksia flowers regularly dot the natural landscape in Western Australia - with different varieties popping up in almost every season across the year, so it is no surprise that it is one of our regular customers' favourites. The bees collect nectar from the unique candle-shaped flowers of the Banskia tree, a short and rather spiky bush, one that grows well in the sandy soils of the Perth suburb Bullsbrook. These candle shaped natives are actually composed of hundreds of little flowers in one cylinder, a WA study found that on average there are 1,043 flowers per cylinder. You can imagine why the bees love them!

Batch 16- Banksia Menziesii

The Banksia flowers flowering at the time that this beautiful batch was harvested are known as Banksia Menziesii (or firewood banksia) and they have the most beautiful soft-rose colour but are some of the heartiest flowers in the area. The flavour of this honey is a beautifully rich caramel with a light woody tone to it. Our favourite thing about Banksia honey is its absolute uniqueness, it is like no other flavour, in the best possible way! Eating a spoonful of this honey it is reminiscent of eating a gooey-caramelised marshmallow that has been roasted over a cracking campfire - warms you to the core!

This batch was harvested by our good friend, and fellow beekeeper, Paul in Bullsbrook - up near Outback Splash - in May 2018.


With love

Nectar Honey Team

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