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Batch No. 14 - Wattle & Gum (sold out)

Wattle and Gum is an absolute classic. Harvested at one of our key sites in Mariginiup this delicious batch has a perfectly deep native flavour - not too sweet, not too strong and beautifully smooth. It reminds you of the beauty of Western Australia with each spoonful.

The Wattle and Gum that give it its name are the Australian Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) and the White Gum (Eucalyptus wandoo) flowers. Did you know; golden wattle is Australia's national floral emblem? When in bloom it displays the national colours (green and gold) and is said to be a symbol for unity.

The White Gum is a family of trees that have a smooth white bark, and forest green leaves at the very top of the tall trunk. The flowers of this particular White Gum - the Wandoo tree - are crisp white and not dissimilar in appearance to the marri flowers.

This batch was collected by our number one beekeeper, James, in December 2017.

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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