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Unique Batch No. 8 - Karri (Sold out)

Batch 8 was harvested from the forest area between Manjimup and Pemberton in Western Australia. This incredible part of the world is characterised by the incredible, towering Karri trees, which grow in no other part of the world but here. The Karri tree (Eucaplytus Diversicolor) is one of the tallest tree species in the world and is the third tallest tree in Australia. The flowers it produces are cream in colour and are produced during spring and summer.

This batch, collected in December 2016 is a light, delicate and flavoursome honey.

A friend of mine told me that Karri honey is known as the Rolls Royce of the honey world, and I always wondered why, until I tasted it. This beautiful light coloured honey is:

  1. a honey that everyone wants to have

  2. is smooth and clean

  3. is beautiful in appearance and experience

  4. and is an absolute classic.

The flavours are woody and are reminiscent of vanilla flavours that just tickle your tastebuds as you eat it. It is a great honey to eat just as it is e.g. on toast, yoghurt or cereal so that its flavour can be experienced without distraction.

Friend of the Nectar Family Simon collected this stunning batch 8 during an unprecedented Karri flowering season.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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