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Unique Batch No. 2 - Marri (Sold Out)

Thank you for buying one of our unique batches of honey! With our Hive to Home program, you can discover every detail of your jar of honey, from the nectar the bees collected to who collected it and the exact location of the hive. The location of each batch of honey has such a unique role in the flavours and eating experience, so we want you to know every intricate detail that makes your jar so unique.

Batch number 2 was collected in April from Cranbrook, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. This area is packed with the native Australian Eucalyptus Calophylla a Redgum also known locally as the Marri tree. These giants of the forest grow to up to 40 metres in height and produce delicate white blossoms, from which the bees foraged pollen from to make this honey.

The Marri flowers give this honey a slightly darker colour and a stronger taste than the paler honeys such as those from Karri trees. The flavour can be described as sticky toffee.

The beekeeper for this batch was Nectar Honey friend Simon. This honey is beautiful and sweet, well worth the trip down to the south of Western Australia to collect it!

Enjoy! ​With love, Nectar Honey team

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