Karri Honey - Active TA35+

Karri Honey - Active TA35+


Fresh Karri Honey from the pristine woodland around Pemberton, WA.


Light and vibrant in colour, with a fresh, slightly citrus flavour.

Karri is known for its powerful anti microbial activity, and is ideal to consume daily for its health benefits.  


Harvested form the flowers of the giant gum trees, which grow up to 90M tall and are only found in South Western Australia. The honey is often rare, and hard to find as each tree may only flower every 7-10 years, so a good honey season doesnt happen every year.


Lab tested for total antibacterial activity (TA) our Karri honey has been classified as TA35+ which is the highest rating possible making it Very Strong Antibacterial activity. Ideal taken every day as a health supplement, or used as on skin to help wound healing.