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Honeycomb Full Frame 'Ideal'

Honeycomb Full Frame 'Ideal'


Raw, natural and straight from the beehive.

As pure and untouched as it gets. Nectar foraged from natural Australian plants, sealed in by bees, in beeswax cells keeping the honey as fresh as possible. The whole comb is edible. The honey, pollen and beeswax in honeycomb are all full of natural health benefits.


Ideal for a special event, a grazing table centrepiece or any day when you want honey straight from the beehive.


Our unique beekeeping technique ensures Nectar Honeycomb offers the best possible eating experience. Developed over years, our comb has wafer thin beeswax, bursting with fresh honey, formed by bees in their natural pattern.


Varieties are always fresh and seasonal, made by bees foraging on native Australian flowers.

We only pick frames when they are fully ready and at their peak.


Honeycomb is a natural as it gets, so appearance of each frame is unique depending on how our bees make it - no two frames are the same!

Vacuum sealed for freshness.

450 x 150mm

Average weight is 1.5-2kg.

  • Raw Honey - Crystallisation

    Like all our honeys, honeycomb is prone to crystallisation. Keep the frame in a room temperature location and consume within 2 weeks of purchase. If you would like it to last longer, honeycomb can be frozen for up to 3 months without impacting the texture or taste.

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