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Batch No. A13

Yarri Honey, also known as Blackbutt, is less well known than Jarrah but has similar powerful antimicrobial properties. We, however, have always known that it is pretty special.  Harvested from the flowers of the Eucalyptus Blackbutt trees, our Yarri honey is highly antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. With a flavour profile tasting of rich dried fruit and treacle, this honey is as delicious as it is bioactive.    


Total Activity (TA+)

Many people are familiar with Manuka Honey and its associated bioactivity markers. What is not common knowledge is that our Australian native honeys are very comparable to the most bioactive Manukas. For example, research has found that honeys like Jarrah Honeys (TA 35+), have up to 90% greater activity than average levels found in Manuka honeys.  See the table below which provides a comparison between MGO found in Manuka honey to Total Activity found in honeys from Western Australia. 


Total Activity is a measure of the bioactive properties of the honey and indicates the antibacterial strenght. This test is currently accurate on a scale of 0-35+. Yarri Honey receives one of the highest ratings that the test measures at 30+.

Download the lab results here (PDF).

TA Comparable Table
Lab test
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Lab test actual
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Your honey was harvested from the Dwellingup State Forest  in  Western Australia in February 2024.


A one-and-a-half-hour drive south of Perth, the Adventure Trail town of Dwellingup is a delightful location that the Murray River snakes through and adventure seekers walk, mountain bike and four-wheel-drive. The pristine Jarrah forests of the Dwellingup State Forest provide a perfect backdrop for camping beneath a canopy of stars.  

This timber-rich area boasts a beautiful section of the Munda Biddi Trail – spanning 1,000 kilometres from Mundaring to Albany, it’s the longest continuous off-road cycling trail on the planet. Visitors to the area are spoiled with 
colourful wildflowers, ancient rocks and towering Red gums and Blackbutt trees.




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