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Batch No. 11 - Coastal Acacia & Banksia Honey (Sold out)

Sweet, fresh and fun - this honey is a definitive representation of the coastal vibe. Harvested from the stunning untouched area of Moore River the flavour truly takes you on a holiday.

This batch, collected in May 2017 is the result of the collection of nectar from the Acacia flower smattered across the region and the proliferation of Banksia flowers. The Acacia (Acacia Cyclops) is aptly known as Western Coastal wattle and produces soft yellow flower clusters and bright red seed pods. The Banksia flowers in the area at the time far out-numbered the Acacia. Varieties Banksia Prionotes Lindl (Acorn Banksia) and Banksia Menziesii dotted the area with beautiful cream, orange, pink and red candle-shaped flowers and are the true flavour heroes for this honey. These candle shaped natives are actually composed of hundreds of little flowers in one cylinder, a WA study found that on average there is 1,043 flowers per cylinder. You can imagine why the bees love them!

The flavours of this honey can be described as buttery, sweet and apricot-esque. It has a slight dry-sweetness to it like a juicy dried apricot. A honey that will just sing on a piece of toast or a top of bowl of creamy Greek yoghurt (*salivates).

Friend of Nectar Honey Peter was the champion beekeeper for this batch, collecting the honey and caring for the bees with such passion and precision. We have a lot to thank him for with this batch! Enjoy.

With love

Nectar Honey Team


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