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Batch 24 - Wanneroo Botanical (sold out)

This batch, collected in December 2018 is the result of a collection of nectars primarily from Australian natives including Marri, Jarrah and Banksia which were in the immediate vicinity of the hives situated in the bushland at the back of Wanneroo's iconic Botanic Gardens and Mini Golf - one of the largest and most historic privately owned gardens in Western Australia.

The Marri (Corymbia Calophylla) is a type of Eucalypt that produces delicate cream flowers; Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata), also from the Eucalyptus family, produces similar delicate flowers whose nectar is renown for producing honey with healing properties; and the Banksia tree (Menziesii) which vastly populates the Wanneroo area with it's candle shaped orange flowers, gives the honey a smooth and toffee-like taste.

We love this honey's amazing buttery-caramel flavour, its super smooth and subtle - a brilliant replacement for sweet treats this Christmas - you won't even realise you've made a healthier choice, its that good!

Friend of Nectar Honey Paul was harvester and custodian of the Wanneroo Botanical hives. Enjoy.

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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