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Batch 23 - Spring Wildflower (sold out)

It was the end of September when Dan, David and I went up to check the hives by Regan's Ford, right near the banks of the Moore River. On the drive up the paddocks around us were a wash with the colourful blooms of the spring wildflower and the bright yellow wattles lined the side of the road. When we got to our apiary and opened the hives, they had filled them to the brim, even inside the lids! I had come unprepared for so much honey, so I added some empty honey boxes to the hives and decided to come back at a later date to collect the honey. 3 weeks later I returned and harvested this beautiful batch. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were also hundreds of grass trees in flower, with bees all over them! The resulting honey from this batch is light, sweet and slightly citrusy, it also sets very quickly when cold. Coming purely from the spring flowers, it is such a contrast to the rich and dark honeys WA is often known for, but is delicious in its own right!


With love,

James & the Nectar Honey Team

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