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Batch No. 20 - Banksia (sold out)

Batch 20 is heavenly. It is a flavour medley of dried fruit tones and smooth caramel flavours.

The bees were surprisingly productive this winter - a season where we typically don't harvest as the bees reduce in number to survive the winter. When checking on the hives in July the boys were gratefully surprised to find an abundance Mensiezii Banksia dotted along the riverbanks and a smattering of a pretty yellow coastal flower called Hibbertia subvaginata - which had given the bees plenty to forage on and had resulted in a brilliant harvest.

The combination of these two nectars make for the most delicious honey that you just have to try!

This batch was harvested from our hives in Gingin by our main beekeeper James and good friends Daniel and Sami, July 2018.


With love,

Nectar Honey team.

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