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Batch No. 19 - Myrtle and Marri (sold out)

Batch 19 is from two locations around the Gingin area, making it a bit of a one-off honey! The bees were first foraging on the paperbark trees (Meleleuca), a member of the Myrtle family, among the lower lying areas of Gingin. The hives were then moved up to higher ground where the Marri was flowering. Here they filled their hives to the brim which is the stage where we came in and harvested from their surplus to give you this jar of honey!

The flavour of this honey is lighter than you might imagine from the dark colour. It has a zesty nature to it, with light floral notes. This batch is best enjoyed straight from the jar, or accompanied by delicate flavours, to allow its delicate flavours to shine through.

Nectar Honey good friend Colin harvested this batch in April 2018.


With love,

Nectar Honey Team

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