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Batch No. 15 - Marri Bloom (sold out)

This year there has been an unprecedented bloom (being called the 'megablossom') of marri flowers in Western Australia - and this honey celebrates and captures the very essence of this exciting point in time.

The bloom has been said to be caused by the combination of moderate summer temperatures and light rain. All we know is that its fabulous for the bees - and results in a brilliantly flavoured honey!

Marri honey comes from the light custard coloured flowers of the Marri tree (Corymbia Calophylla). These flowers coat the tips of the rustic, majestic Marri trees with little splays of colour and fragrance and produce a honey that is caramel and woody in flavour and amber in colour. This honey tastes like fresh baked treats without the intense sweetness, just smooth, rich flavour.

Marri, like jarrah honey, is also well known for its nutritional benefits - namely antibacterial properties. Read more on these benefits on our Honey + Health page.

We had a wonderful time harvesting this batch. The bees were very calm during harvesting and the Gingin sun was beaming on us with a gentle warmth. If you are ever up in the Gingin area we would definitely recommend dropping in at CU@Park in Gingin town - that is exactly what we did on our way home!

This batch was collected by our number one beekeeper, James - with me (Sarah) as his trusty assistant, in April 2018.

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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