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Batch No. 13 - Red Bottlebrush (Sold out)

This new batch defines unique. Collected in October 2017 from the nectar of the native Australian bottlebrush this Aussie beauty will make you do a double take.

The spiral brush-shaped red flowers give this honey a taste that we have never experienced before. Its flavour has a warm toffee taste with a dry finish and a slightly woody flavour. Red bottlebrush honey is the one you reach for as you boil the kettle as it goes perfectly with tea, or best eaten with non-competing flavours in order to give bottlebrush its rightful place in the spotlight.

There are only two varieties of bottlebrush native to Western Australia and the variety showcased in this batch is known as Fiery Bottlebrush (Callistemon phoeniceus). The flowers consist of a spike densely packed with flower filaments that contain a pocket of pollen at the tip of each filament, The bottlebrush plant grows in the damp or water-rich areas along / around the Moore River and flower in Spring through to Summer.

Friend of Nectar Honey Colin loved harvesting this batch of red bottlebrush, we know you shouldn't have favourites but he was over the moon with this batch!


With love

Nectar Honey Team

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