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Batch No. 21 - Parrot Banksia & Jarrah (sold out)

Batch 21 is harvested from nearby Cataby, to the north of Perth and inland from the coastal town of Lancelin. The flavour of this batch is quite light and sweet, with subtle woody tones. The Bees foraged primarily from the Parrot Bush or Banksia Sessillis which is unique to Western Australia. It is a prickly shrub that grows in sandy areas from as far south as Albany to Kalbarri in the north-west of Western Australia. Flowering from May to October, it produces brilliant amounts of nectar which the bees happily turn into great light honey with citrus tones. The woody flavour notes in this batch actually come from Jarrah flowers, which the bees foraged on earlier in the season. This batch is particularly unique as the bees were originally in the Jarrah forests of the southwest but because some years (this one included!) Jarrah trees do not flower heavily, there was not enough flowers for the bees to be able to fill the hive from the Jarrah nectar - and that is why they were moved up to Cataby to the abundant Parrot Banksia. This series of events provides the honey a lovely hint of Jarrah flavour - perfect if you are interested in the healing properties of Jarrah in a lighter tasting honey.

This batch was harvested by friend of Nectar Honey, Simon in August 2017.


With love,

Nectar Honey Team

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