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Batch No. 10 - Banksia Honey (Sold out)

The uniqueness of each batch continues to amaze me. This batch of Banksia Honey was collected in July 2017 from the coastal heath between Two Rocks and Gingin to the north of Perth in an area called Wilbinga.

This area has been producing an abundance of Banksia flowers this year, in particular the incredible Menziesii Banksia, also known as firewood banksia. These candle shaped natives are actually composed of hundreds of little flowers in one cylinder, a WA study found that on average there is 1,043 flowers per cylinder. You can imagine why the bees love them!

This honey has such a personality. Its depth of flavour is realised as soon as it hits your mouth. The first flavour that hits you is a sweet malt, which turns to what tastes like maple syrup with a woody note to finish as you swallow.

Our friend Colin, who has been beekeeping for over a decade, collected this incredible batch.

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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