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Unique Batch No. 6 - Whitegum & Banksia (Sold out)

Batch Six was collected from our Mariginiup hives in March 2017. The combination of the Whitegum and Banksia nectars give this honey an unassuming brilliance. It took tasting, a bit of debating and some more tasting to put our finger on a worthy flavour comparison, an obvious attribute to its uniqueness! This smooth, sweet honey has the perfect honey aroma – like smelling a beehive – and a beautiful subtle dried apricot flavour. It is for honeys like this that we really love being able to sell our honey in unique batches, to share with the world the uniqueness of every hive, every nectar and every honey. No two are the same!

The title of Whitegum given to this honey refers broadly to a group of beautiful Western Australian trees in the Eucalyptus family that are characterised by smooth white bark. The particular variety standing tall and elegant on our property in Mariginiup are known as Eucaplytus Wandoo. The Wandoo tree produces light yellow flowers in the first half of the year, the nectar of which is well known for good honey. Banksia is a true hero of this batch, the stunning orange and yellow candle-shaped flowers of the Banksia Victoriae (also known as Woolly Orange Banksia) were on full display during the full collection period, sharing its nectar and pollen with our bees. This banksia commonly flowers during mid-Autum and winter however the unseasonably cold summer in Western Australia this year meant an earlier period of flowering.

This Unique batch was collected by our chief beekeeper James and a cameo appearance of Nectar’s good friend Christian.

Enjoy celebrating the unique flavours of this delightful batch!

With love

Nectar Honey Team

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