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Unique Batch No. 7 - Jarrah Honey (Sold out)

I am not sure if you realise but the honey in batch 7 – Jarrah honey – is one of the rarest and most sought after honeys in the world! If you are from Western Australia you have probably become familiar with the strikingly tall Jarrah trees that populate our natural woodlands, and the beautiful dark red wood they produce, but did you know that this is the only region in the world where these trees grow? Or that the honey produced from its flowers is not only unique in flavour but is maxed out in nutritional benefits?

Jarrah honey, collected from the jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata) tree, has one of the highest antibacterial contents in the honey world and is used medicinally for its brilliant wound healing properties. Not only that but this incredible honey, unlike its honey brothers and sisters, does not crystalise…ever! The reason why is because Jarrah honey has low glucose content and high frustose content.

This honey has a beautiful flavour that is really deep and rich. It has a taste that reminds us of dried fruit. It therefore goes really well with herbal teas (especially when you are under the weather – yummy as well as helpful to your health!) and on cereal or yoghurt. The other brilliant thing about this honey is the fact that it is a lot less heat sensitive than its wildflower counterparts, therefore the benefit remains with the honey even when used as an ingredient in higher temperature meals.

This honey was collected from the Jarrah forests in the South West region of Western Australia, specifically around the small town of Nannup. Batch 7 was collected in January 2017, Despite the late summer in Western Australia and therefore lower numbers of flowering jarrah trees (as they only flower once every two years under the right circumstances). Our friend Simon collected this unique batch.

Savour this one – it is as unique as they get!

With love,

The Nectar Honey Team

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