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Unique Batch No. 5 - Nannup Floral (Sold Out)

Batch Number five was collected on March 5 2017 from our hives in the sweet town of Nannup, Western Australia.

If you have never been to Nannup, it is a beautiful little town about 1 hour inland from the West coast and 3 ½ hours south of Western Australia’s capital city Perth. There is forever a fragrance in the town from the multitude of diverse native and backyard flowers that bring pops of colour to this little town oozing with character!

This batch definitely reflects the character of the town with its delectable sweetness and complex floral notes that you don’t get from mono-floral honeys (honeys from just one flower source). The nectar collected for this batch was primarily that of the jasmine and lavender flowers from the backyard they were living in and the beautiful Marri trees that shelter the area. These bees have been especially busy in their time in Nannup, also pollinating the local organic Community Garden nearby.

These diverse nectars give batch number five a complex flavour that is sweet, smooth and floral. It is a particularly runny honey because of the difference in sugar content of the nectars collected. We found this particularly interesting when collecting this batch, to see such a variation in consistency of this honey compared to our others.

This batch was a team effort, collected by James and myself (Sarah) on a very hot March day (35°C plus!). I am telling you, you have not experienced hot until you’ve experienced it in a beesuit! Luckily for us, the bees continued being their happy selves, despite the heat, and were very calm through the process.

Batch 5 comes creamed (pure honey, whipped so that it sets smooth and toffee-like) or runny - either is just delicious!

Enjoy this batch – it will take you on a wonderful, and flavourful journey.

With love,

Nectar Honey team.

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