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Unique Batch No. 4 - Wattle & Gum (Sold out)

Batch number four was so unique, it demanded a new and unique name - welcome to the fresh flavours of Wattle and Gum!

Mallee Tree

Batch number four was harvested in February 2017 from the Mariginiup region of Western Australia, which at the time was dotted with the delightful yellow and white flowers of the Australian Golden Wattle and various gum trees including Corymbia Calophylla (Lindl.) also known as the Mallee tree. ​These Mallee trees are native to Western Australia and primarily grow in the South-West region of the state. The flowers are white in colour and are not dissimilar in appearance to those of the Marri tree (as described in Batch No. 2).

The combination of the nectars collected to make this honey gives the batch a fresh and but complex flavour. It is one of those 'everyone-will-love-this' types of honeys - because what is there not to love! Its sweetness matched with delicate floral notes just sing on your tongue!

The beekeeper for this batch was our number one beekeeper James.

With love,

The Nectar Honey Team


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