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Unique Batch No. 1 - Wildflower (Sold out)

The very first batch - wow, we cannot tell you how delighted we are to be able to share our beautiful product with the world for the very first time! With our Hive to Home program, you can discover every detail of your jar of honey, from the nectar the bees collected to the who collected it and the exact location of the hive. No jar is the same and we want you to be able to learn the intricate differences between each jar you order.

Batch number 1 was collected on Sunday the 23rd of October 2016 from the fine region of Mariginiup, just north of Perth in Western Australia. It is a spring Wildflower honey which has multiple levels of flavour due to the diversity of the bee's foraging and the wide variety of flowers blooming at this time of year. At this time majority of flora surrounding the hives was the beautiful yellow Acacia pycnantha - commonly known as the Golden Wattle and Australia's national flower. The aromatic pink Chamelaucium x Verticordia - commonly known as 'Eric John' from the Myrtacea family - was also in full blossum in the area.

These flowers give the honey a floral aroma and depth of flavour.

The beekeepers for this batch were co-founders James and Sarah. The bees were very well behaved for this collection, no stings and no angry guard bees, it must of been the beautiful spring weather and breathtaking sunset that put them in a friendly mood! This honey is a winner, we hope you enjoy it. ​With love, Nectar Honey team

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