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Youraling Whitegum Large 1kg - Batch 36

Youraling Whitegum Large 1kg - Batch 36


The blooms of the Whitegum trees in the Youraling forest have produced an abundant harvest this year. The nectar the bees have foraged has produced a medium-light golden coloured honey. It has a mild buttery flavour with woody tones making this batch of Whitegum honey an all round winner! Thanks to Steve our beekeeper, and of course his bees, for this fantastic summer batch

  • Raw Honey - Crystallisation

    All Nectar Honeys are all natural and completely raw. This makes them more susceptible to crystalisation. Don't worry though - crystalisation is reversible and is a perfectly normal process. If you receive a crystalised jar or your jar crystalises over time; simply tightly secure the lid and emerse the jar in a warm sink of water until the honey becomes runny once more.