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Walpole Karri Small 275g - Batch 42

Walpole Karri Small 275g - Batch 42


Karri trees flower on average once every 7 years, so this honey is a special one. This is a 2019 harvest from the tall Karri forests near Walpole. The honey is light in colour and has a delicate caramel flavour. It is perfect for sweeteining herbal teas, or enjoy with sparkling water over ice for a refreshing cool beverage, with all of Karri's amazing health benefits.

  • Raw Honey - Crystallisation

    All Nectar Honeys are all natural and completely raw. This makes them more susceptible to crystalisation. Don't worry though - crystalisation is reversible and is a perfectly normal process. If you receive a crystalised jar or your jar crystalises over time; simply tightly secure the lid and emerse the jar in a warm sink of water until the honey becomes runny once more.