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Melaleuca and Marri 275g - Batch 50

Melaleuca and Marri 275g - Batch 50


For this very small batch of only 50kgs we have teamed up with Matthew Landers to celebrate our 50th batch of honey at Nectar - and it is a special one!

Inspired by Matthew’s beautiful arrangements we have selected to save this multi floral honey from our Bullsbrook apiary especially for the occasion.


The bees foraged on the bushy flowers of the Melaleuca trees early in the summer, and more recently the flowering red gums, or Marri trees. We then hand selected the best few frames of honeycomb the bees had produced, and simply span them to extract the honey before jarring it up for you.

The result, a honey with a depth of warm flavours and caramel tones.