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Lemon, Honey & Mint Iced Tea

One of the most refreshing drinks you'll try this summer - also super good for you too!


2 english breakfast teabags (or equivalent loose leaf)

Peels of rind from one lemon

juice of one lemon

1 litre boiling water

4 tbsp honey

generous sprig of mint



PREP TIME - 5 minutes

MAKES - approx. 1 litre iced tea

1. Boil your kettler with at least 1 litre of water. Place your teabags and peels of lemon rind into a heatproof jug. Top with boiling water and allow to seep for 2-4 minutes 

2.  Once seeped, remove the tea bags and add lemon juice, honey and mint sprigs (reserving some mint for the top of your serving glasses).

3. Fill our jug and serving glasses with enough ice to cool the mix. Pour into your serving glasses, top with mint and enjoy!

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