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Honey, delivered free to your door in the amount and the timing you choose!





HoneyBox is...

What is HoneyBox?

Build your

Own HoneyBox!

Tell us your ideal HoneyBox and we will build it just the way you like it.

Want one 1kg jar every 6 weeks or two small jars every 3 months? We can do all variety of quantity and frequency options.

If you have flavour preferences let us know them too.


Just tell us your heart's desires in the form below.

But don't fret! Filling in this form is by no means a commitment to purchase. Once you let us know your ideal box, we will simply send you a link to your tailored box and then you can choose to subscribe.

Thanks! Our team will get building and send you the details of how to subscribe to your unique box!

Unique Batch Number

All Nectar Honey jars are stamped with a unique batch number. Use this to search up the batch blog for your jar. Through this you ca find out who harvested your honey, when and from what flowers the bees harvested the nectar to make this unique jar of honey.

Raw Honey - Crystalisation

All Nectar Honeys are all natural and completely raw. This makes them more susceptible to crystalisation. Don't worry though - crystalisation is reversible and is a perfectly normal process. If you receive a crystalised jar or your jar crystalises over time; simply tightly secure the lid and emerse the jar in a warm sink of water until the honey becomes runny once more.

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