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Buy honey regularly? Don't pay shipping every time - just sign up to HoneyBox. You choose the quantity and frequency then just sit back and enjoy your Honey, whilst we do all the work!

SHOP our Current Collection - 
One-off purchases of our newest unique batches.

JOIN as a HoneyBox Member - 
Raw Honey from our Hives to your Home, on your terms.

Want your honey delivered regularly, & don't want to pay shipping?

Raw honey from our hives to your home, on your terms - FROM PRODUCT PAGES


If things don't work out, you can cancel anytime, we can still be friends. You can also pause your subscription, change how much or how often you receive it.


Free delivery on all deliveries in your subscription! Top quality, small batch raw honey has never been so accessible.


Tell us how much honey you want and when you want it delivered. You can even change how much is in your subscription as your needs change. You will never be caught short again.


Use our customer portal to change your delivery and amount preferences, or pause your subscription if you are on holidays (lucky you!).

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With every delivery we will give 10% of the purchase price to local community program Tenacious House - so you can do good, by doing very little at all!

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OneJar per month

2x 275g jars delivered bi-monthly


Per month

This HoneyBox is made for you if you are a small but regular honey eater.
In this box you will receive 2 x 275g jars every second month, to supply your honey needs.

Two Jars.JPG

TwoJars per Month

2x 275g jars delivered monthly


Per month

This is your box if you & your household are regular honey eaters. In this box you will receive 2 x 275g jars delivered to your door every month.

1 x 1kg.JPG

1kg Jar Bi-Monthly

1x 1kg jar delivered bi-monthly


Every second month

Love honey but finding 1kg per month too much?  This box is for you as you will receive 1x 1kg jar of honey to your door every second month.

Coming Soon!
1 x 1kg.JPG

1 x 1kg Jars delivered monthly

All the cooks and honey-loving households love this HoneyBox. In this box you will receive 1x 1kg jar of honey to your door every month.


Per month

1kg Jar per month

2 x 2kg.JPG

2x 1kg Jars Delivered Monthly

This box is for the big families and honey fanatics. In this box you will receive 2x 1kg jars of honey to your door every month.


Per month

Two 1kg Jars per month

Introducing HoneyBox! (from store page)

Busy? Trust us - we get you!

Enter, HoneyBox. The sweet little box delivering only the best honey to your door, tailored to the amount and frequency you want.

We have made getting your honey fix easy and fun. With HoneyBox you get your honey delivered for free, and don't have to remember to place your order each month / week / fortnight. Now that makes life a little easier right? 

Choose from our HoneyBox collection below.

2018 08 18_HoneyBox Logo TRANSPARENT BLA

We can ship Nectar Honey to you wherever you are! Don't want to pay for delivery? Check out our Western Australian-based pickup options.




$7.50 flat rate

Free shipping on orders over $40


$15 flat rate

Free shipping on orders over $80

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