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Jarrah Jar

Batch No. A09

Jarrah Honey is Australia's best kept secret. A honey from the ancient Jarrah forests, native to only small pockets of the southern regions of Western Australia, whose trees - the Eucalyptus Marginata trees -  flowers only every two years. This honey is rare and highly antimicrobial. It is rich in antioxidants and its smooth malty caramel flavour profile tastes just devine!


Total Activity (TA+)

Many people are familiar with Manuka Honey and its associated bioactivity markers. What is not common knowledge is that our Australian native honeys are very comparable to the most bioactive Manukas. Research has found that Jarrah Honeys (TA 35+), have up to 90% greater activity than average levels found in Manuka honeys.  See the table below which provides a comparison between MGO found in Manuka honey to Total Activity found in honeys from Western Australia. 


Total Activity is a measure of the bioactive properties of the honey and indicates the antibacterial strenght. This test is currently accurate on a scale of 0-35+ Jarrah Honey receives the highest possible rating that the test measures at 35+.

Download the lab results here (PDF).

TA Comparable Table
lab test results
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Your honey was harvested from the area surrounding Collie in  Western Australia in November 2022.


The world-class Adventure Trail town of Collie is surrounded by pristine forests perfect for hiking, biking - and for bee foraging! The  Wellington National Park and forests surrounding Collie are full of Jarrah, Marri and Yarri trees, as well as spectacular water wonderlands, including Honeymoon Pool, Black Diamond Lake and Minninup Pool - fed in from the Wellington Dam.

The Collie River courses through to Lake Kepwari, an idyllic waterside spot flush with redfin perch and marron. 

Collie’s lush landscape is just a two-hour drive south of Perth, nestled in the heart of the Darling Ranges, Collie is a thriving country town. From the old goods shed to the well-preserved railway station and footbridge, Collie's heritage architecture reveals its coal-mining history.

Discover more about this region on the Western Australia - Walking on a Dream Website.

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