Homemade Fig Muesli

Such an easy recipe - don't worry about being too accurate on the measurements, rough and rustic is the way muesli was always meant to be!


4 cups of rolled oats

1 cup dried figs, roughly chopped

1/2 cup sultanas

3/4 cup shaved dried coconut

1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds

2 cups of bran straws



Plain, natural yoghurt



PREP TIME - 5 minutes

MAKES - 8 serves

1. Mix all ingredients together in the container you plan to store your muesli in.

2. Thats pretty much it! Then just serve up each morning with a generous dollop of plain natural yoghurt, a splash of milk and top it off with a generous drizzle of honey.


This breakfast is a real champion. Honey is literally yoghurt's nutritional cheerleader. Honey is a PREbiotic (meaning that is nourishes the essential good bacteria that populate our digestive system) and yoghurt contains PRObiotics (tiny little good bacteria that feed off of prebiotics). They go hand in hand to promote great gut health.